February 1, 2018

A young woman beating Hodgkins Lymphoma

A young woman beating Hodgkins Lymphoma and going on to raise a beautiful family

Images by Bec Zacher

Bec Zacher Photography

Corinne Paddison’s Story in her own words

My cancer journey.

In 2018 I had a odd pain in the stomach that didn’t go away for 2 weeks even after I removed certain foods from my diet & was on painkillers – which is not like me. I went to emergency when it got too bad for me to bear & after scans/tests not showing anything I was operated on one evening. The next day I was told a growth was taken from my intestines along with several lymph nodes either side of it & my appendix. The week later I got a phone call from the surgeon telling me it was Diffused B Cell Non Hodgkins Lymphoma – a type of cancer. I would need to contact another specialist urgently & would need chemotherapy.

After my recovery from the operation as I had not had children & chemotherapy can cause infertility so I saw an IVF specialist with only 1 cycle to freeze my eggs. So I had 28 eggs frozen for later if I needed them – during this process I was the most sick from all the hormones!! Then chemotherapy began – which I don’t remember a lot of… I went on to automatic pilot, knowing I either needed to be at work, hospital or other specialist appointments. I pushed my family away also – not wishing for them to suffer like I was or see me go through it.

I lost my hair exactly 2 weeks after my first chemo session – which was the hardest part of it all. For a women to lose her hair – I phoned my hairdresser & she came to my house to shave it all off – then I then wore head scarves or a wig.

I finished my chemo the week before Christmas & in February the next year I was cancer free. The good part about my journey is that I did not know I had cancer until it was taken in my operation. I remain cancer free to this day!!

It was such a hard time in my life & taught me that I am stronger than I know & I feel like it was a lesson I needed to learn.

I now cherish all the people in my life so much more & am grateful that it showed me an inner strength I didn’t know I had.

What was it like leading up to finding out that you had cancer and what did it feel like when you first heard the news?

Leading up to my diagnosis I had no idea what I was in for, so it was very surreal – a true shock. Once I heard the news I felt like ‘ok, what is the next step to fix this?’

What was the treatment process like for you?

I was on automatic pilot & I pushed my family away as a coping mechanism. I didn’t
think they should suffer like I did – I was trying to save them.

How did it feel to be told that you were cancer free and in remission?

Pure relief – although there were 6 monthly checks for 5 years after.

What’s one thing that helped you keep going and remain hopeful through it all?

This might sound odd – but I knew it was going to be ok… So what got me through was my determination to get through each day & sometimes each hour.

When you look at photos of your family now what are you most thankful for?

That I am here to experience it all & I am eternally grateful that I get to experience pregnancy & motherhood.

Thank you so much for sharing Corinne! Such an incredible story and one that we don’t hear enough.

Corinne is now expecting her second beautiful bubba in early 2018. You can head over and find out more about her here.