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Your support is the catalyst that equips us to shed light on many more incredible stories of strength and courage and to gift these beautiful families who are facing great challenges, with photo sessions and lasting tangible products.

In a nutshell, families are gifted a professional photo session and all travel and other costs are absorbed by the photographer running the session. Each session is valued at an average of $500-$1200.

Your support means that we are able to bless more and more people through this project and continue expanding it throughout Australia and internationally so more families have their precious memories preserved forever.

You can support us through giving via Direct Deposit or Paypal.

I have moved away from using Go Fund Me as there is a large fee of 7.5% which is taken from each donation and I would prefer these funds went directly to families.

Frames of Hope Bec Zacher

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Frames of Hope was founded by Photographer & Social Worker, Bec Zacher ~