November 7, 2016

A mother fighting cancer with a young family

A mother’s cancer journey with a young family / Now in the arms of the Lord March 2017

A Surprise Photo Shoot, Words and Images by Bec Zacher


November 2011

Rach and Jules share a beautiful friendship and when I got a call from Jules about doing a surprise photo shoot for Rach before she headed in for chemo the following day, I knew that this was going to be a very special kind of day. I travelled to the Sunshine Coast and went to Rachel’s house where I met with Jules and a makeup artist. Rach rose from a rest and we explained what we were all doing there and that we wanted to give her some precious memories of her and her family together before she started a gruelling round of chemo the following day.

Rach got made up beautifully and then we headed down to Mooloolaba with her husband Steve and their two beautiful children. This beach holds many memories for them as it’s a place they often visit together as a family so it was the perfect setting for the shoot.

The car park was packed but we all got front row parks within minutes, the skies looked like they may open up but beautiful sun began to shine through, the beaches were crowded but the area we were at was unusually quiet.

It was such a beautiful afternoon and Rachel’s joy and laughter was infectious. Her and Steve laughed non-stop and their chemistry and love for each other and their children was tangible.

March 2017

This beautiful woman went to be with the Lord in March this year (2017). Every step of the way she fought and remained so full of strength, faith and encouragement for others. This is a short story from her best friend Jules who was an incredible friend to her.

“On the train going to Adele in the wheelchair with a bright pink wig we got the giggles… it was over a Townsville day memory… a lady kept getting closer to us- I was watching her with the mumma lion protectiveness ready to pounce. Very loudly she asked how long had you been in a wheelchair… you squeezed my hand.. you knew. You happily stated it was your first time but you could not walk very much these days and you asked her why… She said ‘ I noticed from the time the train pulled up to the station how much love and attention your friend has been showing you… I don’t have any friends”.

Rach knew she had limited time here on Earth… she knew that her miracle was close by… yet when I wanted to tell this lady to ping off and let me ensure Rach had the best night ever…. LOVE STEPPED IN, KINDNESS SHOWED UP & RACH GOT TO PREACH….. She encouraged that lady to find a local church… she asked for her phone number and email and offered to help link her in…. she told her that Jesus was the ultimate friend and we loved so freely because of the cross of calvary and His love for us.

Adele was wonderful. We laughed. We bawled. I got a wine. Rach got the good drugs. But this… this was her parting gift to me… to teach me that being on the defence for those I love sometimes causes me to disable the chance to speak of salvation.
She squeezed my hand the whole time and when the lady disembarked and she had popped the lady details into her phone notes so she could pray for her…. She turned to me and said ” We forget don’t we… it takes dying to be remind so clearly of our purpose here on Earth”. I miss you my darling bestie. More then words can say”.  Jules


For Rachel and Steve I designed a beautiful photo book that contains the images from their shoot and many of her favourite scriptures. I also made a photo book for each of their children so they would have something themselves to look through. Each of the children’s books focuses more on the images of them with Rachel so they will have beautiful images to look at of them with their mum. When Rachel passed away I did up a collection of the families favourite images of her and made additional photo books for the children so they would have another copy for years to come.


If you would like to support more families like Rachel’s facing super tough times like this, please think about supporting Frames of Hope so together we can provide more lasting memories to families facing similar situations.


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