May 10, 2018

Our Collective Motherhood Stories

Our Collective Motherhood Journey. The REAL stories.

Having the opportunity to become a mother is such an incredible gift. The journey that many of us take to get there however, is not an easy one, and can often be paved with years of hurdles, heartbreak and loss. When our little ones do arrive, for some mothers, life can also look dramatically different to what was expected. 

We are so often surrounded by advertising, images and curated social feeds that portray ‘picture perfect’ motherhood without the real, raw stories that are often entangled throughout these motherhood journeys.

I started Frames of Hope so I could shed light on these stories and celebrate women and all that we go through on this journey. I get so many emails and messages from women who have a story to share but who often feel isolated and alone and I really want to help connect us more through our stories of perseverance and hope! 

Frames of Hope

Here’s to the super mummas ~

The mummas who’ve spent years trying to conceive and haven’t yet held their miracle

The mummas who experience one or many miscarriages and try and grapple with the pain of starting over once again

The mummas walking the path of pregnancy paved with anxiety, illness and doubt about what lays ahead

The mummas who have held their babies and have had to say goodbye to them far far too early in life

The mummas whose children are critically ill and walk the path of terminal illness and the dreaded scanxiety they have to regularly face

The mummas that go the journey alone and victoriously rise to the occasion

The mummas raising precious babies in homes full of abuse and pain who feel they have no way out

The mummas raising little ones with disabilities and lifelong illnesses who are stretched to their limits

The mummas who experience the bleakness and desperation that post natal depression can bring

The mummas isolated and alone without a community to support them

The mummas that have lost their own mothers or never had one to teach and guide them along the way

The mummas opening their own homes and arms to children that do not have a safe and loving one to call their own

The mummas of older children who sit at home praying that their babies will return safely to them and break free of the chains of addiction they are wrapped up in

The mummas who feel like the’ve lost their own identity in the process of raising children and are struggling to find it again

The mummas who are far too critical on themselves and the body that grew, birthed and nurtured a life into being

To all the mummas, no matter what your story is, it matters and we want to hear it! I don’t want you to feel you have to tick a box above for your story to be ‘enough’. Absolutely not! Everybody has a story, no matter how large or small you think it is, someone out there needs to hear it. 

These moments that we go through are ones we can be proud of. They often show a strength we never knew we had. An unwavering hope that dwelt within us that helped us get through. Positive gems that emerged from situations where we thought that no good could ever come. So be encouraged today, that there is hope and there are so many other beautiful women across the globe that have walked the path before you.

It’s very simple to take part – here’s how:

1 – Post an image on Instagram or Facebook that is significant to you and your story

2 – Share a snippet of your motherhood story ~ the real backstory. What is an obstacle you have faced as a mother or are currently walking through and what would you say to someone a few steps before you on the same journey? Your story has so much power to uplift another mumma. Collectively we can offer so much hope to one another so share the real story along with the lessons you have gained about how strong you are as a woman!

3 – TAG #myframeofhope and @framesofhopeproject so our voices can be collectively heard and inspire others (don’t forget this step as I want to read your words and also encourage others to share to). 

4 – If you wish to share more of your story, I would love to hear it! You can submit your full story to the Frames of Hope blog ~ Head on over here to submit

I can’t wait to hear from you, Bec x 

Frames of Hope

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