A single mama fighting lung cancer head on

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Kate & Annabelle ~ a single mama fighting lung cancer

Kate & Annabelle

Fighting Lung Cancer ~ It's not Kate's time



When I stumbled across Kate’s Instagram profile I was immediately drawn to her story but more than anything her incredible outlook, positivity and the alternative health journey she was on in the fight for her life.

In October 2018, Kate who is an amazing solo mama to her daughter Annabelle and a business owner of a local store, Maison and Maison, was dealt extremely hard news when doctors uncovered that she had advanced lung cancer even though she had never smoked and was fit and healthy. They gave her six to 24 months to live at best.

“Right there and then I felt like my world had stopped spinning. My mum and I just stared at each other, no words were said, just tears spilling from our eyes. I can remember that day so clearly.”

“My first thought was to my daughter Annabelle, she wasn’t yet three at the time. I’m her sole parent. I was numb, I was in a state of disbelief and despair.”

Since that diagnosis, Kate has lead the way and stopped at nothing to find treatment and answers and to undertake whatever she needs to do to stay alive and watch Annabelle grow up. She re-mortgaged her home and used her life-savings to head over to Mexico to undertake alternative cancer treatments at a treatment centre called ‘Hope4Cancer in Cancun, Mexico. The results so far have been incredible!

I knew that Kate was heading off on a second trip to Mexico and that she would be away from Annabelle for weeks so I really wanted to create a film of them together, doing what they love in the home they have made together. I spent the morning with them and before I even opened the door I could head Kate’s incredible laugh and the fun they were having together.

This mama loves hard, laughs big and takes on everything with so much passion and courage that I am continually blown away and inspired by her walk through this cancer journey.

~ Bec Zacher 


You can follow along with Kate’s incredible journey over on Instagram at ~ www.instagram.com/its_not_kates_time/


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Frames of Hope is a project run by Photographer and Social Worker, Bec Zacher, it is a project that aims to preserve incredible stories through gifting photo sessions and films to families facing great struggles and those that have walked through them. These families are gifted a professional photo shoot and given the opportunity to share their story so that their voice is heard and their story has a platform to encourage and inspire others.

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Connect with Kate and follow her journey on Instagram at www.instagram.com/its_not_kates_time/