May 24, 2018

Living With & Escaping Domestic Violence

A private session by Bec Zacher

I met an incredible woman and mother a few years ago. One who has been through a very difficult and abusive marriage. I met her at a refuge and we instantly connected. She was on a path that took immense courage and she was starting out the journey of building a new life for herself and her children. I offered to do a Frames of Hope session with her to celebrate this incredibly brave move she had made to start over with nothing and to create memories for her that she could place around her new home.

Due to the nature of this session and protecting her and her children’s identities, I can’t share the images or her details but they were so beautiful and I am forever grateful that she opened up and let me into her life. I have never met someone so strong, faithful to God’s promises and a mother that loved her children so fiercely she would go through whatever it took to protect them and build a safe life for them.

Bec Zacher

This is a small snippet of her story ~

I grew up being very close to God, and I continue to be. I was surprised when the man that I married appeared to also have a close relationship with God and treated me like a princess when we were going out. It soon dawned on me after we were committed to each other, that I felt there was no way out and that appearances can be very deceiving.

I felt trapped in our marriage and was unable to share with anyone the things that he had told me from early on in our relationship. These things held me captive and terrified by fear. Outwardly we appeared to have the ‘picture perfect’ relationship and after we had our children, this only added to what looked like the ‘picturesque family’.

Behind closed doors however, there was so much pain, anguish and torment going on and I was unable to safely share this with anyone.

After many years in this relationship and with the help of professionals, my children and I escaped into a domestic violence refuge. My children and I became established and well supported in a local church and school and we continue to be, through their ongoing support.

God has always been my hope and strength in the times I can’t see a way forward and I continue to trust in him daily, one step at a time, for he knows the big picture, always.

Bec at Frames of Hope super kindly took photos of my children and I and I was so blessed by them as we’ve never had professional photos taken of us before. It was so special to have these moments documented that encapsulated our time together and what we have been through and overcome.

Thanks so much to this beautiful mumma for sharing! Details have been changed and no images of this mother and family can be shared for privacy reasons, generic image used, shot by Bec Zacher. If you would like to support other families in similar situations with the incredible gift of lasting memories, you can support Frames of Hope here so we can continue to offer this service to more families across the country.

I understand that many men and women face similar situations in their own homes. If you need help, there are some amazing support services available. If you would like to email to speak privately about your own situation, please contact Bec at

Photo by Franciele Cunha on Unsplash