Community Stories
Your story matters

Everybody has a story worth sharing and if you've stumbled across this page, no doubt you feel the pull to share your own or you would love to share on behalf of someone else.

Our stories have the power to connect us. They resonate with others and make us feel less alone. They inspire. They encourage. They uplift others walking the same path.

We would love to hear your story!

Take a moment,
Sit back,
Marvel at your life,
At the grief that softened you,
At the heartache that wisened you,
At the suffering that strengthened you,
Despite everything,
You still grow.
Be proud
Of this.
Frames of Hope Community Stories

Submissions for community stories are open to INDIVIDUALS who would love to share their own story and also to PHOTOGRAPHERS.
If you’re a photographer and have worked with a family who have an incredible story to share, (with their permission of course), we would love to hear from you and publish their story alongside your images from the session. 


Submission requirements ~

Please submit your details and a brief overview of your story and if we feel it would be suitable for the Frames of Hope blog, we will be in touch soon to get the full story and images from you.


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When you share your story or approach someone else to share their own (photographers), these are the questions we would love you to explore if your submission is accepted:

Tell us a little about who you are, your family, where you are from and where you call home. 

What is your story ~ What is a key challenge you have faced or are facing today? 

What are / have been the hardest moments of your journey so far?

How has this experience impacted you as a family? The good and the bad. 

What is one thing that has helped you through the toughest moments?

What would you say to encourage others who are facing the same situation?

How has this experience shaped you and changed your outlook on life?

Frequntly Asked Questions



Will my story be published?

Once you have submitted your story, you will be contacted and we will let you know if it is suitable for the blog. If it is you will be given a date that it will go live and asked for any other additional info or images that may be needed.


What do I need to provide and share? Images & Words

We want to share honest, real and in-depth stories from people so the more you delve into your story, the better! We love to accompany stories with images of the family and the situation being shared so images are key to your submission. High quality images are preferred.


I am a Photographer, can I submit a story from a family I've worked with?

Absolutely! Many photographers work with families who have incredible stories and being able to share these stories is such a powerful thing, You will need to get written permission from the family and ask them to write out their story. (Question prompts can be found below). You can then submit this story alongside the images you have taken at their session.


Can I share it once it's published?

Yes!! We would love that. Frames of Hope exists to spread hope through the sharing of these stories so spreading the word throughout your networks is a key part of our vision!