About Frames of Hope

My vision and heart behind this project

Frames of Hope is a photography project by Photographer and Social Worker, Bec Zacher. The aim of this project is to document and preserve the stories of families who are currently walking through or have experienced, loss, illness and heartbreak and persevered through these times with strength, hope and grit.

The amazing families that are part of this project are gifted a professional photo shoot or film and lasting tangible memories.

Alongside offering these sessions, Frames of Hope is also a community where these amazing families can share their own story and find a place to be heard so that others walking the same road, have a beacon of hope and an honest and real community that can support them along the way.


To make people feel seen, heard and valued and to preserve their stories

I offer two types of sessions for families

Preserve and Celebrate sessions


My 'Celebrate Sessions' sessions are all about celebrating the strength, perseverance and courage of a family who have travelled a difficult road together.
This may be someone in remission from a terminal illness, a family rebuilding their life after the loss of a child, or any similar situation. The aim of these sessions is to celebrate these amazing stories through beautiful images that capture the joy and newfound hope.


My 'Preserve Sessions' are for families facing urgent & life-threatening situations. This may be a loved one who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, stillbirth, a family member on life support, someone that has experienced an accident or a similar situation.
The aim of these sessions is to preserve the connection and love between a family through documentary style photography.


Bec Zacher

I’m a visual storyteller, with a big love for people and documenting the journey they’re on. I love to capture stories of little ones, motherhood, and families in a real and authentic way through lifestyle photography.

I’m a photographer and a social worker. Frames of Hope is a project that encompasses both of my passions and gives me a creative outlet through my photography to work with amazing people in the community in a very real and impactful way.

I’m a wife to an amazing man, Ori, a mum to three little ones and we live on the Gold Coast, QLD. Prior to having my own children, I worked as a social worker in the child protection field. I grew up in a home with parents who always had open arms to those in the community who needed a place to stay or live for some time and for that I am forever grateful. We had many foster brothers and sisters live with us over the years and I developed a love for pursuing work in the social welfare field. I began a career working in child protection.

It was there that I fell in love with photography and the power of an image to capture a moment that is so significant in someone’s life. Being able to encapsulate a rare moment, one that may never be repeated again and to have this as a tangible memory for a child and their family, was a pretty incredible thing.

Fast forward 7 years and I now continue my love of giving back to the community in this way through my Frames of Hope project where I preserve these incredible stories for children and their families.

It’s so great to have you here!

Bec x