Documenting Stories of Hope, Resilience & Strength

from families across Australia


The Stories

Read interviews full of hope, strength & courage


Frames of Hope is a photography project that documents & preserves the stories of families who have experienced loss, illness and heartbreak and persevered through these times with strength, hope and beauty.

The amazing families that are part of this project are given the gift of a professional photo shoot and lasting tangible memories.

Bec Zacher | Frames of Hope Founder & Photographer


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All Frames of Hope sessions are provided free of charge
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through some really challenging times and
would really value professional photos & tangible
memories of themselves and their loved ones?

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If this project resonates with you and you would like
more information about becoming a Frames of Hope
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The Heart Behind Frames of Hope

Birthed from love, intertwined with hope.
Born from a longing to preserve untold stories that make up the fabric of a family.
When threads break and loss envelops, when new life springs forth and the future becomes paved in hope once again, It’s all part of the tapestry that makes us.
At times it’s golden and at other times our paths become drenched with tears, unveiling a new beginning lying just below the surface, eager to birth and blossom in us.
Frames of Hope tells these stories through images and prose. The tribulations. The strength. The joy. The perseverance that’s carried us through.
These images freeze time and pull us into those velvet memories encased in love and gratitude for the people we were gifted to do life with.
They celebrate both what was and what has become.
These gifted frames, woven with the thread of hope, become AN anchor for our soul and our story.
They are a gentle reminder that we are so loved. Life is fragile but we have a greater hand holding us.
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